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Trulion Online
Trulion logo.jpg
Exuberant Games
Exuberant Games
PC, Android, and iOS
Release date(s)
Early Access Aug 25, 2018 / :TBA
Top-Down, 2D Adventure RPG, Fantasy

Trulion Online is a top down online 2D Adventure RPG created by Exuberant Games for PC, Android, and iOS.

Story[edit | edit source]

The main story of Trulion Online is about three world powers, trying to gain dominion over a continent called Yartoria. The player will be able to join one of the three nations or remain independent. Each nation will have faction-unique quests and special events available which will allow them raise in rankings as they help decide the fate of this young continent.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Open World
  • Leveling Guild System
  • Party System (Up to 8 Players)
  • Custom AI System for monsters and npcs.
  • PvP Spar Arenas
  • PvP World Unlocked at a certain level.
  • Story Quest
  • Daily Quest
  • Guild Quest
  • Massive Player Economy
  • Achievement System
  • Auction Houses located in each city
  • Player Storage
  • Player Warehouses
  • Player Housing
  • Leveling Professions (Mining, Fishing, Foresting, Herbalist, Alchemy, and more)
  • Crafting Stations (Gear, Tools, and more)

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